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Perth Airport, 6am. Elena Polyanskaya walks through the arrivals gate using dark jeans and a pale top that is blue her fine, blonde locks cut boyishly quick.

This woman is exhausted after having a journey that is 54-hour her Russian hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, however the minute Richard Bosward views her, he chooses this woman is gorgeous. Her eyes are wider and brighter compared to the pictures she had delivered him and, whenever he is seen by her, she grins broadly. Then for a moment, things are embarrassing. Do they kiss? From the lips? From the cheek?

Regarding the method house, Polyanskaya asks Bosward to simply just take her towards the beach. They talk about the emails they have been sending each other and the awkwardness slowly ebbs as they drive.

It is only six days since Bosward first tapped “Russian brides” into their computer and paid $100 to Elena’s Models, a site that is internet listed Polyanskaya’s current email address.

“I’m too old with this,” he recalls thinking while he clicked on photos of smiling females with exotic names such as for example Natalia and Olga and Elena.

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