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You kindly responded my concern during a live chat final year, and asked us to react with my outcomes

I’m a 72-year-old male whom gets no state retirement because of inadequate NI efforts. My spouse, that is 74, gets a state that is full in addition to superannuation earnings.

We asked whether i might qualify to receive a continuing state retirement according to my spouse’s NI efforts, and when therefore would this be backdated?

I’ve been in interaction utilizing the Department for Perform and Pensions. Unfortuitously, i have already been informed that i actually do maybe maybe maybe not qualify for eligibility as my partner was created before 5 1950 april.

This seems in conflict with all the advice you’ve got provided me personally. I will be grateful me how to progress this situation if you would advise.


Pension earnings: could a husband claim a continuing state retirement on their spouse’s complete NI share record?

Steve Webb replies: once I initially responded to your question within the webchat that is live 12 months, we thought that you’d be eligible for a a partial fundamental retirement on your own wife’s record.

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